Chi Kung Malvern

"Be still like a mountain, flow like a great river" - Lao Tzu

Learn the art of effortless movement

What is Chi Kung?

Chi Kung, also known as Qi Gong, is an ancient Chinese exercise of movement and meditation, that helps enhance the flow of chi (vital energy) through the body, keeping the body supple and developing mental clarity, calmness and relaxation.

What is it good for?

If you are looking to develop your sense of calmness and relaxation in an increasingly fast paced world, or to help keep your body and joints healthy, then Chi Kung is something you will enjoy.

Roughly translated to ‘energy work’, practising Chi Kung enhances the flow of chi (vital energy) through the body. The exercises are often slow, gentle and flowing, and may take the form of static postures, slow movements and special walking exercises. These are often inspired by nature and help keep the body supple, invigorate and enhance body function, as well as helping to develop mental clarity and inner stillness.

Join a class......

Classes are held in Great Malvern, on most Monday evenings as well as an online ¬†class every Thursday morning. We also do occasional outdoor classes on the hills from March to October, when weather permits. See the ‘Classes’ page for more details. All classes are perfect for beginners and those with experience.

Chi Kung Malvern